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bulk buy grow light for aloe vera plant

bulk buy grow light for aloe vera plant, The TotalGrow Deep Red Bar generates 660nm red light with exceptional efficiency
and reliability in an ideal form factor for simple utilization. Matching the peak of
chlorophyll absorption and action, supplement your lighting with Deep Red bars to
prioritize and supercharge your growth rates.

Deep Red Light for Heightened Growth Rates

  • 25W of highly efficient, reliable LED deep red lighting
  • 660nm output matches peak chlorophyll absorption for maximum photosynthesis
  • Thin, narrow profile for simple, versatile utilization


Why 660nm Deep Red?

Though plants utilize many wavelengths of light to drive photosynthesis and growth, the 660nm wavelength is most readily absorbed by chlorophyll to drive efficient photosynthesis and increase the overall growing efficiency of a lighting system. It is also absorbed by the Pr phytochrome isomer to discourage the shade-avoidance stretching triggered by far-red light (700-750nm) and in many cases encourage long-day growth responses.




Product Specs


Wattage draw: 26 watts

Beam Angle: 120 degrees

Spectrum: 660nm

Efficacy: 2.6 umol/J

Light Output: 65 µmol/s

Service Life: 30,000 hours/3 years

Daisy Chain: Yes, up to 24 (120v) or 48 (240v) lights

Input voltage: 100-277 VAC

Power frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz

Input Current at min/max VAC (A): 0.3/0.1

Product weight: 2.3 lbs

Dimensions: 23.7″ (L) or 2.3″ (W) x 1.5″ (L)

Additional details: IP65 wet-rated (waterproof)

Product includes: Light Bar, power cord

Recommended for: 

  • Commercial applications
  • Home grows
  • Tents
  • Nurseries
  • Hydroponics
  • Arboretums, Schools, Universities, Research Institutes

Manufacturer’s warranty: 3-years


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