SpecGrade LED Linea Series 300


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LINEA Series

Linear Greenhouse LED Grow Light

Linear Greenhouse LED Grow Light, The Linea was designed for the professional cultivator to provide photobiological and engineering excellence. Whether your intent is to use this grow light as supplemental or sole source lighting this next generation Linea will provide your crops with unmatched uniformity and virtually no shadowing.

Their proprietary double-folded aluminum heat-sinking fins are engineered to ensure the LEDs will perform at the lowest operating temperature ensuring the longest life.

And finally, available in a 300W, 600W or 900W versions we can generate a layout that will provide your crop the exact amount of micromoles necessary to increase yields, quality and vegetables, fruits and flowers to cannabis and hemp our proven spectrums will consistency. From optimize your grow facility. Linear Greenhouse LED Grow Light


A1 Sectrum

The finely-tuned A-1 ‘Entire Life Cycle Spectrum’ has proven at universities and various grow environments to improve the trichomes and taste while cutting operational costs and shortening grow cycles.




System Power: 640W

Amerpage: 5.3A @ 120v, 3.1A @208v, 2.7A @ 240v, 2.3A @ 277v

PPF: 1600 µmol/s

Efficacy (± 5%): 2.5 µmol/s (A1 Spectrum)

Optic: 120º Distribution

Spectrum: A1

Thermal: 100% Passive

Expected Life: Q90> 41,000 hrs.

Footprint: 2′ x 4′



LEDs: Proprietary blend of Broad Spectrum White and 660nm Red Diodes

Frame: Aluminum Alloy Zipper Fin

Finish: Polyester Powder Coat

Heat Sink: Aluminum

Modular Construction: Enables grower to change out PCBs

Hardware: Stainless Steel

Driver: Inventronics



Rating: IP66

Safety: ETL Listed to UL 8800, UL 1598, UL 8750

FCC Compliant: 47 CFR FCC Part 15 Subpart B



Voltage: 100-277VAC (V01)

Surge Protection: 4kV (V01), 6kV (V04)

Dimmable: 0-10V

Power Factor: >0.95

Current THD: <10%



LEDs: 7 Years

Drivers: 5 Years



Weight: 19 lbs

Dimensions: 48” x 5.1” x 5.6”

Finish: White


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