Scynce LED Theia Tempo


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amazon led grow light, BLIP. BLIP. THE POWER JUST WENT OUT.

amazon led grow light, amazon led grow light led grow light alibaba amazon led grow light, It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. Power outages are just the nature of the game. The Theia Tempo saves your bacon when you have an unforeseen power outage. With a built-in battery back up, your light recipes will be right on schedule, even if your power company can’t give you reliable service.


INTENSITY: Control the energy your light is emitting from 0-100% with dim-to-zero capabilities.


SPECTRUM: Design your own custom lighting experience with complete control over which color channels are on and at what intensity.


SCHEDULING: Set the on/off time and add in features like a sunset & sunrise ramp.


RECIPES: Create and upload your own personal lighting recipes to give your plants exactly what they need.


CONTROL: Connect wirelessly through our mesh network to gain complete control over 1 or a group of 10,000 lights.

*The Theia Tempo is not needed if you power cycle your lights with a switch or a timer. If you need to interface your lights with your environmental control system, please see the Echo product.




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