Scynce LED Theia Echo Air


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Ac infinity led grow light


ac infinity led grow light, The Echo Air provides advanced web-based access and control from anywhere in the world. It can also seamlessly link your existing environmental control system with your Scynce LED lights. With the ability to receive ethernet or 0-10v inputs, the Echo will relay the dimming or spectral control commands to the lights either wired or wirelessly. Whether you have a wired connection to a system like the TrolMaster Hydro X (using 0-10v) or you need a custom API to integrate with systems like Argus (using ModBus or BACnet), we’ve got you covered.

INTENSITY: Control the energy your light is emitting from 0-100% with dim-to-zero capabilities.

SPECTRUM: Design your own custom lighting experience with complete control over which color channels are on and at what intensity.

SCHEDULING: Set the on/off time and add in features like a sunset & sunrise ramp.

RECIPES: Create and upload your own personal lighting recipes to give your plants exactly what they need.

CONTROL: Connect wirelessly through our mesh network to gain complete control over 1 or a group of 10,000 lights.

*Whether you have a wired connection to a system like the TrolMaster Hydro X or need a custom API to integrate with systems like Argus, we’ve got you covered.



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Apogee PPFD Sensor

400-750nm ePAR Sensor with custom 20-meter cable and mounting bracket.

Apogee’s newest, cutting-edge ePAR sensor was created in 2021 as an upgrade to the ePFD sensor and designed to measure the newly defined 400 -750 nm ePAR radiation range that research has shown to be photosynthetically active, beyond the traditional 400-700 nm range.


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