Rapid LED Single 75W Plug-and-Play LED Grow Light


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buy led grow lights near me, The Rapid LED 75W grow light comes pre-built with everything needed to light a 2-3 square foot grow space. Simply take out of the box and hang the light for amazing, full spectrum coverage. Great for supplemental lighting, corner spaces, or single plants

This fixture can be used for both veg and flower cycles (depending on spectrum). buy led grow lights near me

Parts used

Buy Rapid LED Far-Red Initiator Puck





Wattage Draw: ~75W From LEDs

LEDs: Top Bin CREE CXB3590

Driver: Mean Well HBG-100-48A Or HBG-100-48B

Flower Coverage Area: ~2 Square Feet

Veg Coverage Area: ~3 Square Feet

Dimmable: Yes, with option (select above)


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