Rapid LED CXB3590 2′ X 4′ LED Grow Light



led grow lights, The Rapid LED CXB3590 2’x4 LED Grow Light comes pre-built with everything needed to light a 2′ x 4′ grow space. This is the same version as the 2′ x 4′ kit except it’s pre-assembled.

Simply take out of the box and hang the light for amazing, full-spectrum coverage of a 2′ x 4′ grow space.

  • By selecting the standard driver you’ll run the COBs at a very balanced 63W each, or 315W for the kit.
  • For those wanting more power you can upgrade to the HLG-480H-C2100B driver to run the COBs at 75W each.
  • We recommend using a 3500K or 4000K Color Temperature for full cycle grows.
  • Lower colors like 3000K are great for flowering set-ups. led grow lights


Parts used in build



  • Ready to hang and use, no assembly required
  • Recommended hanging height: 12-24″, higher if using the reflector



Wattage Draw: ~315W-380W From LEDs

LEDs: Top Bin CREE CXB3590

Driver:  Mean Well HLG-320H-C oOr HLG-480H-C Series

Coverage Area: 2′ x 4′ for flower

Dimensions: 40.6″ x 5.55″

Dimmable: Yes

Tools Required: Screwdriver, Wire Strippers


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