Rapid LED Chilled Logic 5′ x 5′ LED Grow Kit (DIY)


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led grow light australia, Using the super-efficient Chilled Logic V4 Pucks the Rapid LED Chilled Logic 5′ x 5′ LED Grow Kit (DIY) comes with everything needed to light a 5′ x 5′ grow space when you selet the Substrate add-on.

Utilizing only a combined ~900W from the nine pucks this unit has chip-level efficacy of ~2.5umol/J. led grow light australia


Kit Includes

Optional Accessories


Chilled Logic 5′ x 5′ Kit Instructions

Canopy Rail Instructions

Full Canopy Substrate Instructions

Chilled Logic Puck Datasheet

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led grow light australia Online




Wattage Draw: ~900W From LEDs

LEDs: Samsung LM301B

Driver:  Mean Well HLG-480H-C2100B

Coverage Area: 5′ X 5′ for flower

Dimensions: 47.6″ X 48.5″

Dimmable: Yes (Manual Dimming Included)

Tools Required: Screwdriver, Wire Strippers


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