Photonican Pandora Smart Lighting Controller


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Photonican Pandora Smart Lighting Controller

The PHOTONICAN Pandora Smart Lighting Controller is a simple and powerful system for controlling your lighting equipment. It is compatible with all PHOTONICAN Lighting fixtures. You can control up to 256 LED fixtures with dimming and timer function depending on your different lighting needs. It also provides sunrise and sunset simulations so your crops get all the lighting they need.

  • 24 Hour Timer (on/off)
  • Manual / Auto Mode
  • Set Output level: 0-100%
  • Output power customization in wattage
  • Show Output as W or %
  • Auto-dim at Set temp
  • Dimming policy: 0-10V
  • Auto shutdown at Set Temp
  • Sunrise / Sunset period setting
  • Outputs: 2 (RJ14 / AUX)
  • Temperature / Humidity Sensors: 2x20ft (5000mm)
  • Fixture quantity per output: 128
  • Total number of fixtures: 256 by 2×128
  • Warranty: 3 years


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