Neocision Spectra Elite LED Grow Light (by BVV)


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Neocision Spectra Elite LED Grow Light

Neocision Spectra Elite fixtures feature a 20.6% blue spectra and 45.1% red spectra with a peak at 660nm for your flowering plants. This unique spectra mix creates stronger plants for nutrient uptake with maximized red for increased photosynthesis. Get increased yields, quality bud formation and high rates of cannabinoid production levels.


  • Efficacy up to 2.85 Micromoles / J
  • Industry Leading Horticulture LEDs
  • RJ Port for Plug and Play Control Systems
  • Folding Design for Fast and Easy Installation
  • Leading 660nm LED Count – 150 660nm diodes Per Fixture
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty on Fixture
  • 8 Year Limited Warranty on Driver



12″ hanging height


24″ hanging height





PPF Efficacy: 2.85 at 240 VAC

Photon Flux (µmol/s) (400-700nm): 1939

Photon Flux Blue (µmol/s) (400-500nm): 400

Photon Flux Green (µmol/s) (500-600nm): 666

Photon Flux Red (µmol/s) (600-700nm): 874

Total Blue/Red – Energy Bands: 1274

Blue: 20.64%

Green: 34.34%

Red: 45.06%


Power Consumption: 680W AC

Driver: Sosen

Power Factor: >0.95

Surge Protection: 6 KV


  • 208V: 3.44 A
  • 240V: 2.98 A
  • 277V3: 2.58 A


Fixture Size (driver mounted on the fixture): (L) 43.9” x (W) 43.9” x (H) 4.1”

Fixture Size (without driver): (L) 43.9” x (W) 43.9” x (H) 1.6”

Power Supply Dimension: (L)23” X (W) 6.5” X (H) 3”

Driver Net Weight: 10.1 lb.

Fixture Net Weight: 20.4lb.


Mounting Height: >6” above canopy

Beam Angle: 120 Degree

Input Voltage: 200 – 277 VAC

Manual Dimming Knob: Yes

Built In Control Ports: Yes

Power Cord Length (Extensions available): AWG 18, 6 Foot

Plug Type: Standard Plug 240 VAC – NEMA 6-15P

Adjustable Height Hanging Kit Included: Yes

Fixture Warranty: 7 Years Limited

Driver Warranty: 8 Years Limited

DLC Listed: Yes

Certifications: ETL Safety Certified Conforms to UL 1598:2018 Ed.4, Certified to CSA C22.2#250.0:2018 Ed.4*, ETL Safety Certified No. 5020070


Neocision Spectra Pro Review (for reference)


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