Medic Grow LED Smart 8


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Smart 8 Medic Grow Full Spectrum 760W LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Be smart about your lighting choices! Meet the foldable Smart 8 that is designed specifically for high PPFD cultivation practices in growing.

The Smart 8 760 watt LED grow light is built using a high-quality Sosen driver and top bin LEDs from Osram, generating a full-spectrum light source ideal for veg and flowering cycles. It covers each phase of growth from vegetative to flowering and covers an area up to 5×5 for flower. Producing outstanding PPF of 2136 μmol/s and a photon efficacy of 2.8 μmol/J, it can also deliver the entire spectrum of light evenly to your plants, giving them exactly what they want to grow big and fast.

The onboard easy-to-read LCD display allows you quickly and easily to check your timing settings, power, dimming, spectrum, PPF, and more. There are two built-in knobs above the screen. The right one allows you to easily dim the light from 100% down to 80%, 60% and 40% intensity without the need for any external controllers, while the other is to schedule time for your plants at 6/12/14/16/18 hours. The Bloom button sits between the two knobs, giving you the convenience of switching the spectrum from vegetative (V1) to flowering (F1).

For commercial growers, the Smart 8 can be externally daisy-chained with a Medic Grow Lighting Controller featuring light timing, dimming (1% increments), and temperature control for up to 75 fixtures. Each light has a general life expectancy of 50,000 hrs and a 3-year long warranty period.

Top Features

  • Outstanding efficiency
  • Full-cycle growing spectrum
  • Enhanced 660nm red encourages blooming and fruiting
  • Low energy & no heat output
  • Covers 4′ x 4′ to 5′ x 5′
  • Fanless design for heat dissipation
  • Plug and play
  • Onboard dimming function
  • Low energy & no heat output
  • Daisy chain function





Package Includes

  • Smart 8 LED Grow Light
  • Steel Cable Hangers
  • RJ cord
  • Plug Adapter
  • Power Cord





Model: SMART 8

Wattage: 760 Watts

Spectrum: V1 & F1 Full Spectrum

Driver: Sosen driver

PPF(light output): 2136 μmol/s

Efficacy: 2.8 μmol/J @277 AC

Coverage: 5×5 Feet

AC Input: 120-277V AC, 347-480V AC, 50/60Hz

Max Operating Temperature: 95°F / 35°C

Mounting Height: ≥ 6” (15.2cm) Above Canopy

Thermal Management: Passive

Power Cord: 6′

Dimming: 0-10V

Fixture & Dimensions: 47.2″ x 45.6″ x 3.1″

Weight: 30.86lbs / 14.0kg

Certifications: None

Warranty: 3-Year Warranty

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