Kind LED X750 Grow Light w/ UV and IR


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Kind LED X750 Targeted Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Kind LED (Voted 2022’s “Best True Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light “by LGLD) is known for its “Targeted Full Spectrum” lights that deliver perfected photon distribution with optimized intensity at every wavelength, resulting in unparalleled weight and quality at harvest.

By not neglecting blue and oversupplying white like most other LEDs do, Kind’s lights produce the fastest, bushiest, and tightest growth, paving the way for packed, dense flowers with the highest oil content, terpenes, and quality. X-Series lights include a separate, dimmable UV/IR channel that supercharges your harvests by allowing you to provide trichome-inducing wavelengths at the right time and at the right intensity.

Kind LED Grow Lights are a 4X Gear of the Year “Best Grow Lights” award winner and is the highest rated light on Trust Pilot. Founded by career California growers, they are well known for their exceptional grow support and customer service and have been the choice for professional growers since 2012.


2x Increased PPF


50% Greater Efficiency


3.5x Improved Light Distribution


Independent, Precision UV/IR Control


Lightweight, Low-Profile, Superior Design


Grow Bigger With A Low Profile

The New X Series’ external driver mount offers 60% reduction in light height (more grow space) and 25% reduction in heat output.


Yields Maximized with UV/IR Control

UV and IR are essential for increasing flower development and ramping up secondary metabolite production which increases both potency and terpenes. Since this added spectrum is only needed in the late stages of flowering, we’ve placed it on a separately controlled channel so you can decide when you use it, eliminating wasted energy and avoiding unwanted stretching during the earlier stages of plant growth.


Light Efficacy Does Not Equal Results

Efficacy measures a light’s capacity for turning electrical energy into photons but does NOT measure the amount of photons that are usable to plants. Most high efficacy diodes are designed for home/office (not horticulture), and while they produce a lot of visible light, much of that light is not used by the plant and wasted as heat energy. Most white diodes are cheaper to produce and measure high in efficacy but use a spectrum that creates wasted light for plants.



Additional Info

X Series Manual


Add on Products

Method 7 Citadel FX Safety Glasses

The Citadel FX unites safety and style with exceptional light balancing for full-spectrum lights. This Italian crafted wrap frame meets or exceeds ANSI-Z87+S standards. Ideal for use with Kind LED’s targeted full spectrum grow lights including the X² and the new X Series.


Lotus Nutrients

The Lotus Nutrients Starter Kit will simplify your growing experience. This Kit contains our Pro Series Grow, Boost, and Bloom Nutrients and is everything you need to get growing successfully.

(1) Lotus Pro Series Grow 16oz

Specially formulated to give your plants exactly what they need to produce lush, rapid vegetative growth. Lotus Pro Series Grow will aid in producing thick stems, tight inter-nodal spacing, dense canopy development and massive root systems, all of which are the building blocks for successful harvests.

(1) Lotus Pro Series Boost 18oz

The turbo-charged secret weapon that leads to an unsurpassed size and density of flowers, while maximizing oil production for increased potency and taste.

(1) Lotus Pro Series Bloom 16oz

 Specifically designed to trigger the rapid onset of flowering, by providing your plants with all the necessary components needed for strong development, producing dense, massive yields spanning all flowering sites.


Power output: 750w

HID equivalent: 1000+ watts

Spectrum: 2 Channel – Dimmable

Efficacy: 2.55 μmol/J

PPF: 1913 μmol/s

Max. Wattage: 750w (±5%)

Input Voltage: 120-277v

Amperage: 6.25 amps @ 120V

Diodes: Osram & Philips

Lifetime: >100,000 Hours

Recommended Mounted Height above plants: 6-12″

Footprint @ RMH:

  • Veg: 6’x6′
  • Flower: 4’x4′ to 5’x5′

Thermal management: Passively cooled

Dimensions: 42.5 x 44.75” x 1.25”

Weight: 31 lbs

Operating/input voltage: 100v-240v AC

Additional details: Discreet shipping

Power Cord: 6′, 120v

Certification: ETL, FCC

Recommended for:

  • Tents
  • Grow rooms
  • Small-sized grow operations
  • Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic setups
  • Indoors only

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 5 years


As featured in ‘Best LED Grow Lights 2022’


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