Iluminar 1000W iLogic™9 LED Full + UV/Far-Red


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The iLogic™9 1000W Full Spectrum LED is the go-to high-efficiency lighting fixture for sealed grow rooms enhanced with CO2 supplementation. Nine light bars deliver extremely high light intensity and uniformity across a 4’ x 4’ footprint to drive unbeatable growth rates and flower production. 

Delivering an incredible 2800 μmol/s PPF, the iLogic™9 Full Spectrum fixture has the power to penetrate more deeply into the densest indoor plantations, giving lower growth tips the intensity they need to reach the canopy, resulting in more viable flower sites per plant. Cultivators enjoy bigger yields, higher quality, and more overall crop homogeneity.

The enhanced canopy penetration frees growers from the chore of remedial foliage stripping in order to promote the development of lower and mid-tier flower sites. 


  • ePAR: 2855 µmol/s
  • ePAR Efficacy: 2.85 µmol/J
  • Input Power: 1000W
  • Release clip to “hot swap” bars
  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Casing (23.8 kg / 52.5 lbs)
  • Additional fins to quickly dissipate heat
  • 4 Points for hanging for a level mount
  • Smooth LED Diode Surface for Easy Cleaning
  • Save $$ On Cabling
  • RJ14 Controller Connections
  • High-end OSRAM & Samsung Diodes
  • 5 yr warranty
  • DLC, ETC, FCC, CE Listed
  • Cables and Fixture IP66 rated for wet conditions

**Please contact us for other voltage options or orders of more than 10 fixtures**

Easier Maintenance

  • Inset diodes provide a smooth surface for easier and safer cleaning

Get Closer without Hotspots

  • Unique diode layout gives a uniform 4’ x 4’ footprint a minimum 8-12” distance from canopy

Enhanced Cooling Technology

  • Even more fins for silent and effective cooling

High Efficiency Full Spectrum

  • Generates an incredible 2800 μmol/s using just 1000W with an efficacy of 2.8 μmol/J

Fully Controllable

  • Dimmable using 0-10V controller


Turbocharge Crop Quality and Productivity

Complementing full-spectrum with UV-A and far-red, the iLogic™9 UV+Far-Red represents a long-awaited union between our most recent understanding in plant science and cutting-edge LED technology. Photosynthetic rates are not only enhanced, but growers experience less stretching during transition along with more branching and increased production of terpenes and essential oils.

The iLogic™9 UV+Far-Red fills the spectral gap that has persisted between legacy lighting technologies and LED. For growers looking to give their plants maximum light intensity and a broader spectral diet for optimal plant health and full genetic expression, the iLogic™9 UV+Far-Red is the ultimate choice.

Additional Info

Spec Sheet


Compare the iLogic models

Iluminar iLogic series has fixtures for ANY size grow.

iLogic 121

  • Power: 780 Watts
  • PAR: 2.7 µmol/J
  • PPF: 2100 µmol/s

iLogic 8

  • Power: 630 Watts
  • PAR: 2.7-2.85 µmol/J
  • PPF: 1700-1800 µmol/s

iLogic 9

  • Power: 1000 Watts
  • PAR: 2.8 µmol/J
  • PPF: 2800 µmol/s


Optional dimmer

Add dimmer above the ‘add-to-cart’ button for $15




ePAR: 2855 µmol/s

ePAR Efficacy: 2.85 µmol/J

Input Power: 1000W

Amps: 9.3 Amps @ 120 Volts, 5.15 Amps @ 208 Volts, 4.43 Amps @ 240 Volts, 3.8 Amps @ 277 Volts

Emitter Type: High-end OSRAM & Samsung Diodes

Color Temp: 3,300k

Spectrum Tuned: Full + UV/Far-Red

Input Power: Smart Sensing™ 120V to 277V & 347 to 480V

Mounting Height: 8”-12” to top of Canopy

Coverage area:

  • Veg: 6×6 to 7×7
  • Flower: 5×5 to 6×6

Emitter Cooling: Passive / Extruded Case

Dimming: 0-10V Controllable

Light Distribution +/- 5%: 125 degrees

Waterproof Rating: IP66 for Damp/Wet Conditions

LED Lifespan (90% of Life): 55,000+ Hours

Power Factor: > 90%

Dimensions: 41.9″ × 39.4″ × 4.9 in”

Weight: 52.5 lbs

Certifications: ETL, FCC, UL8800, CE certification

Warranty: 5 Year Manf.

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