Grower’s Choice ROI-E720 + Happy Hydro AC Infinity 5′ x 5′ Complete Grow Kit


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he Equipment

The centerpiece of the kits is the AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 5’ x 5’ grow tent. Premium canvas and a sturdy steel frame make this tent a pleasure to work with. The CLOUDLAB tent is paired with the AC Infinity S6 Inline Duct Fan and 8 feet of ducting. As discretion is of utmost importance, a 6-inch Australian Charcoal Duct Carbon Filter connects with the fan to eliminate all odors. These extra components are held securely with the help of 2 pairs of ratcheting equipment hangers.

Optional Upgrades- This fan (S6) comes with a speed controller, adjustable from OFF, and when on, from speeds 1-10. The T6 inline fan comes with an LCD screen and additional capability allowing for temperature and humidity thresholds to be set, and as such the fan turning on/off at these thresholds. For example, if you want your T6 to kick on when temps hit 85° and off when it hits 75° then the upgraded T6 inline fan is the one for you! If you just want to constantly have the fan set to full speed then the S6 will do the trick! The inline fan (S6/T6) is the same, the only difference is the LCD controller with the temperature and humidity sensors!


Growing Medium and Nutrients

The CLOUDLAB tent is able to accommodate five medium/large plants. The kit includes five 5-gallon fabric pot and five 1-gallon fabric pots to start and transplant up into the 5G pots! A set of clear plastic saucers helps keep your new grow tent clean.

The included growing medium is Sohum Living Soil, a premium natural potting mix. This organic soil provides nutrients for the full life of your plants. When the first signs of flowering start to show, you can begin applying the included FoxFarm Tiger Bloom® Liquid Concentrate. Your buds will reward you with bigger blooms and a bountiful harvest.


More Accessories!

Other accessories include Teflon trimming scissors (to make harvesting less of a chore) and a SensorPush Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor (to monitor the tent environment from your smartphone). The Air King 6-inch Clip-On Fan circulates the air in your tent, while also strengthening the stems of your plants.

If you want to start cultivating NOW, look no further than the Complete Grow Tent Kits from Happy Hydro. Just add some seeds and get growing!


Complete Grow Tent Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Grower’s Choice ROI-E720 LED Grow Light
  • 1 x AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 866 Grow Tent | 5′ x 5′
  • 1 x Cloudline S6 Inline Duct Fan w/ Adjustable Speed Controller | 6-Inch
  • 1 x Duct Carbon Filter, Australian Charcoal | 6-Inch
  • 1 x 6-inch Four-Layer Ducting – 8ft
  • 5 x 1-Gallon Fabric Pot w/Handles – Black | 6” H x 7” D
  • 5 x 14″ Clear Plastic Saucers
  • 5 x 5-Gallon Fabric Pot w/Handles – Black | 10” H x 12” D
  • 1 x 120V Single Outlet Mechanical Timer
  • 2 x Air King 6-inch 190 CFM 2-Speed Clip-On Fan
  • 1 x FoxFarm Tiger Bloom® Liquid Concentrate | 1 qt
  • 1 x Happy Hydro 60mm Teflon Trimming Scissors
  • 2 x Ratcheting Light & Equipment Hangers | 1 Pair
  • 1 x SensorPush | Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor
  • 2 x Sohum Living Soil – Bagged | 1.5 cubic ft
  • 1 x 7 Steps To Grow Cannabis | A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Growing Cannabis Indoors


ROI-E720 featured in ‘Best LED Grow Lights 2022’


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