Grower’s Choice Bloom Boost UV-R Bar


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UV-R Bar can only be used with the ROI-E720. It will not work as a stand-alone fixture.

Introducing the Grower’s Choice UV-R Bar set. A Horticulturally engineered supplemental bar set, which provides a key spectrum to further promote overall health, robust plant growth, and increased resin production, working much like their 10K finishing bulbs.

Their new UV-R bar set is specifically designed to pair with the ROI-E720, plug and play, no additional wiring is needed. The bar itself is controllable and dimmable when paired with a Grower’s Choice Master Controller. The UV-R bar set is a Horticulturally engineered full spectrum UV fixture including 6 different wavelengths providing a true full-spectrum UV solution for the best growing results!

User Manual


  • Plug-and-Play with ROI-E720
  • UV-A / UV-B / IR
  • Compatible with Grower’s Choice Master Lighting controller
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • 1-year warranty


What’s included

  • Bloom Boost UV-R Bar Set
  • RJ14 cord
  • Mounting Clips

Not Included

  • ROI-E720
  •  Lighting Controller


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