Franklin F7000 LED Grow Light

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Franklin F7000 Series

Designed to maximize plant yield and quality, the F7000 utilizes its “Blood Orange” rich yellow-red leaning spectrum to deliver efficiency and reliability that punches well above its weight class.



  • Full spectrum with enhanced red for full cycle grows.
  • Efficacy is up to 2.58цmol/j.
  • Adjustable light bar with wider beam angle provides more convenient for plants growing.
  • Built-in 0-10V dimming with Daisy Chain function.
  • Remote mount driver with Multiple Mounting Clips provides more flexibility in installation.
  • Control each fixture with 0-10V on-board dimmer or an entire space with a controller.
  • ETL Certificated and DLC listed with 5 Year Warranty.


Why the F7000 Series?

Easy Install Design- Designed for simple installation. Suspension cables offer 4 and 2-point mounting options as well as rachet clips that provide an alternative mounting option.

 Multiple Mounting Clips- Allow for flexibility in mounting height and application. Clips can be used to mount the fixture on existing metal bars/struts.

Remote Mount Driver- Provides flexibility in driver installation. Thanks to an adjustable 10ft lead wire that allows for heat management assistance, place driver on the fixture itself or anywhere in the application.

Control Capabilities- Control each individual fixture with a 0-10V on-board dimmer or connect up to 50 LED fixtures with a controller.

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Wattage draw at the wall: 720 Watts

Input Voltage: 120 – 277 VAC

Voltage Range: 100 – 305 VAC

HPS equivalent: 1200 DE HPS +

Lifetime: O54,000 hour lifespan until Q90

Spectrum: “Blood Orange”: 3000K-5000K-660nm-730nm

PPF (400-700): 1857.6 μmol/s

PPF (400-800): 1975 μmol/s

PPE: 2.58 umol/j

PF Eff: 2.74 umol/j

THD: <20%

Coverage area: 5′ x 5′

Mounting height: 12-24″ above canopy

Dimensions: 47.24” x 42.91” x 3.38”

Product weight: 29.1 lbs

Power Factor: >0.95%

Dimming: Knob Switch Dimming or External, 0-10V25%-50%-75%-100% Sectional Dimming

Operating temperature: 0 – 104F / -18 – 40C

Plug: 8′

Amperage: 7.2A

Recommended for: Home grows, Commercial grows, Grow rooms, Tents

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 5 years


As featured in ‘Best LED Grow Lights 2022’


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