Spectrum King Phoenix 680W


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Buy Spectrum King Phoenix 680W

Buy Spectrum King Phoenix 680W, is the new LED standard for 1:1 1000W DE HPS replacements, using 36% less power while delivering the highest reliability in the industry.

SK Cryo-Therm cooling technology enables an ultra-slim form factor allowing for maximum airflow and minimizing micro-climates.

Optimized for single or multi-tier cultivation in proximity to the canopy.

DLC 2.1 is currently in final stages and will qualify for additional local rebates.

Key Features

  • Industry Best Performance for full 4×4 frame
  • Industry Best $/PPF
  • Industry Best Reliability of Q90 = 62,000 hrs
  • Industry Best Surge Immunity – Dual Surge (LED + Driver)
  • Industry Lowest Weight Frame


1. What diodes are you using?

  • We use custom diodes from the following Tier 1 manufacturers: Samsung, Osram, Seoul, and Cree. They are more powerful than the standard 3030 diodes used in the market.

2. What driver are you using?

  • We use Sosen and Upowertek drivers which have shown to have the best surge protection on the market.

3. What’s the benefit of dual surge immunity?

  • Dual surge immunity is an industry first and offers peace of mind. Most reliability issues are due to electrical surges that originate from either the mains or within your electrical network. Having 10kV surge protection on the driver and surge protection on the LED diodes ensures maximum protection from these events. We want our fixtures to be set and forget it.

4. How many diodes are on the fixture?

  • >1000

5. Do you ship outside of the USA and Canada?

  • We are working on getting local inventory globally. We can ship product from our Los Angeles warehouse globally. Please inquire and we can send you a quote.

6. Does it include a dimmer?

  • We do have promotional sales that include a dimmer. A manual dimmer is not integrated into the fixture as our reliability studies have shown them as another point of failure. Most commercial grows will be using a 0-10V controller and not a manual dimmer.

7. Does Spectrum King offer controllers?

  • Stay tuned.

8. Can you veg with a flower spectrum?

  • While you can lower the intensity and veg with a flower spectrum it is far from ideal. We would recommend veg with a dedicated spectrum containing more blue as found in our Phoenix 340W.



The white light spectrum can be used for both VEGETATIVE and FLOWER growth.






Input Power @ 277VAC: 680W

HID equivalent: 1000W DE fixture

LED Life: Q90 = 62,000hrs

Beam angle: 120°

PPE (400-700nm): 2.75 umol/J

PPF (400-700nm): 1870 umol/s

Dual Surge Protection: 10kV Driver, 1.5kW per Board

Spectrum: Full spectrum (near UV to IR)

Coverage area: 4′ x 4′

Hanging height: 6″ minimum

Dimmable: Dim to off, 10-100%

Dimensions: 47″ x 43″ x 4.3″

Product weight: 20 lbs

Voltage: AC 120V~277V (200-480V AC Built to Order)

Work frequency: 50~60 Hz

Cooling BTU @ 277VAC: 2,320

Certifications: IP65-rated, ETL and CE, DLC (pending)

Manufacturer’s warranty: 5 years


As featured in ‘Best LED Grow Lights 2022’


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