Apogee PPFD Sensor


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led grow light and stand

Apogee PPFD Sensor

led grow light and stand, This PPFD sensor is sold to be used with the Scynce LED Echo Air.

400-750 nm ePAR Sensor with custom 20-meter cable and mounting bracket.

Apogee’s newest, cutting-edge ePAR sensor was created in 2021 as an upgrade to the ePFD sensor and designed to measure the newly defined 400 -750 nm ePAR radiation range that research has shown to be photosynthetically active, beyond the traditional 400-700 nm range. The SQ-618-SS ePAR sensor outputs a digital signal using Modbus RTU protocol over RS-232 or RS-485. The sensor features a rugged, aluminum housing that is fully submersible and built to withstand harsh conditions, and high-quality cable terminating in pre-tinned pigtail leads for easy connection to data loggers and controllers. The sensor cable includes an IP68 marine-grade stainless-steel cable connector to simplify sensor removal and replacement from permanent installations for maintenance and calibration. Typical applications of ePAR sensors include measuring total ePAR intensity over plant canopies in all growing environments, monitoring and adjusting grow lights, and researching plant morphogenic activity and photobiology. Many next-generation LED fixtures, the sun, and other light sources emit these newly confirmed UV and Far-red photosynthetic wavelengths, but they have not been measurable by traditional 400-700 nm PAR meters until now.

AL-120 MOUNTING BRACKET – The AL-120 solar mounting bracket with leveling plate is designed to mount Apogee Instruments’ pyranometers, pyrgeometers, quantum sensors, red—far-red sensors, PAR-FAR sensors, and ultraviolet sensors to a mast or pipe with an outer diameter of 1.3″ – 2.1″.


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